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Packaging The Authentic Self - Finding the right container for your brand’s story

We often ask “does the package suit the product?”

But what about “does the package production support the brand ideals?”

For many, that means searching out eco-friendly materials and processes. Leading by example, and having a consistent narrative for your customers.

And this is why, at EPOPACK, we may be in a unique position to serve the modern luxury cosmetic brand.

Our company history mirrors your search:

Back in 2004, our owner Patrick Pan was a successful Taiwanese manufacturer of acrylic bottles.

In order to understand the entire lifecycle of the products, he also volunteered at a local recycling station.

One day he saw a bottle that came from our factory. He was excited to find out where it would end up. He was told that the material was rated a recycle code #7. It was very hard to recycle, and would likely just become pure waste. This bottle made up 80% of EPOPACK’s business at the time.

Patrick was there trying to help, only to discover that he was adding to a worldwide problem.

Instead of ignoring it, he went back to his team and told them he wanted to change all manufacturing to material that was code #1 -- the most sustainable plastic, PET.

But then he was told it would likely look cheap and feel flimsy.

Well, this was not acceptable either. And so began a journey to create luxury cosmetic packaging that was eco-friendly at the same time.

Today, EPOPACK offers only gorgeous PET Heavy Wall bottles and jars, along with options for 100% PCR packaging as well.

Your brand is uniquely you. And when the packaging is made in a mindful way, it acts as a near-limitless canvas for you to maintain your brand’s story and ideology, without compromise.

We encourage you to vet our process and to get samples so you can experience it for yourself.

To start, email our project manager Amy Pan:


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