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Simple & Sustainable --- We Create Infinite Possibilities For You

EPOPACK is a manufacturer based in Taiwan with a contact office in Canada. With over 30-years experience in R&D and manufacturing we provide high quality, sustainable packaging solutions for beauty brands. Specializing in PET heavy wall bottles, jars and airless bottles that are also available in 100% PCR PET.

After years of operating in the beauty industry we know that customers need more than just a container, they need a storyteller. Good packaging tells stories and sells products. Getting your message across is half the battle! Create a unique visual identity, convey your brand message clearly, and embrace sustainability all at once. Let packaging tell a story and make a lasting impression with our innovative and eco-friendly approach.

Our product lines include PET heavy-wall bottles, PET heavy wall jars, PET and PP airless bottles. PET material is the most eco-friendly plastic and can be recycled worldwide with international recycle code number 1. PET has superior chemical and physical resistance making it a great choice for many formulations.

We have been continually dedicated to developing 100% post consumer recycled (PCR) PET options since 2009. Our PCR PET heavy-wall cosmetic bottles are produced from 100% PCR PET resin and any item in our line made of PET has the option to be made of 100% PCR material.

Our corporate social responsibility focuses on preserving the Earth for future generations. We uphold the mission to use energy-efficient and highly sustainable materials while continuously making technological improvements and aesthetic refinements to develop a wealth of packaging options. Tell your story for years to come with Epopacks premium packaging and unparalleled customer support.

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Our History

  • 2022 PET airless bottle, PET droppers and 100% clear PCR PET
  • 2020 ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
  • 2019 Relocation for expansion
  • 2011 ISO 9001 & Developed PET Heavy Wall Jars
  • 2009 Developed PCR-PET Bottles and PET Jars
  • 2005 Developed PET Heavy Wall Bottles
  • 1990 Developed and Exported Glass Perfume Bottles, Airless Bottles and Acrylic Bottle
  • 1987 Established in Taipei, Taiwan


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