EPOPACK's Product of the Month

EPOPACK's Product of the Month

Each month throughout 2024, we will be highlighting a feature item that aims to elevate your packaging experience. These items have been carefully curated to cater to a diverse range of interests and preferences. Each month’s edition is designed to showcase EPOPACK’s enhanced functionality, proprietary concepts, and user friendly features.

Your feedback and engagement are invaluable to us, don't hesitate to share your thoughts as we introduce these exciting feature products each month.

The AH series premium bottle- Designed to offer both functionality and sophistication, this bottle stands out as a versatile solution for your branding needs.

Crafted from recyclable PET plastic material, it underscores our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, we offer an option made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material, further aligning with eco-conscious practices.

Despite its glass-like appearance and feel, the AH series is shatterproof, ensuring both elegance and safety.

With a heavy wall design for durability and lightweight construction for convenience, this bottle strikes the perfect balance.

Fully customizable, it allows you to tailor its features—from injection color to printing and hot stamping—to reflect your brand identity.

Furthermore, its mix-and-match capabilities enable you to pair it with various closures like droppers, screw-on caps, treatment pumps, and sprayer pumps, offering flexibility for different product types such as lotions, serums, and mist sprays.

I invite you to explore samples and discuss pricing further, as we believe the AH series holds the potential to elevate your brand presence in the market.

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