New product launch: FF series PET heavy wall bottles

New product launch: FF series PET heavy wall bottles

EPOPACK has unveiled an exciting addition to its line of PET heavy wall bottles – a new shape that features a captivating taper leading to a wider base. This new design brings a host of advantages and visually stunning appeal to the beauty brands.

The gradual taper not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers an ergonomic grip, ensuring comfortable handling and precise control during product application.

The wider base of the bottle provides enhanced stability, offering a secure foundation on any surface and minimizing the risk of accidental spills or toppling. This feature adds convenience to the daily usage of beauty products, making the bottles suitable for a wide range of applications, from lotions and toners to serums and oils.

With EPOPACK's PET heavy wall bottles, brands can offer a premium packaging experience to their consumers. The bottles exude a sturdy and robust feeling, adding a touch of luxury to the product. The high-quality PET material used in their construction imparts a premium aesthetic and a sense of durability, further enhancing the overall brand experience.

Moreover, choosing EPOPACK's PET heavy wall bottles contributes to sustainable packaging practices. The recyclable nature of PET material aligns with environmental values, promoting responsible packaging choices and supporting a greener future for the industry.

Select the perfect size from EPOPACK's expanded range of PET heavy wall bottles, ranging from 30ml to 75ml, and elevate your brand's packaging aesthetics. Experience the combination of style, functionality, and a premium sturdy feel that will impress customers and enhance their overall product satisfaction.

These new additions offer even more versatility with multiple attachment options available. Brands can customize their packaging by pairing the bottles with various attachments, including a variety of treatment pumps, sprayer pumps, droppers, and screw-on caps with a reducer. This flexibility allows for different dispensing methods to suit a wide range of beauty products and customer preferences.

In addition to the attachment options, EPOPACK provides various decoration choices to enhance the visual appeal of the bottles. Brands can select from printing, hot stamping, spray color, and injection color techniques to create eye-catching designs and branding elements on the packaging. These decoration options add a personalized touch and help products stand out on store shelves.

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New product launch: FF series PET heavy wall bottles